We are in the goals business

Since  1985,  we  have  been  guiding  our  clients  to  great  financial  decisions.  We do this through thoughtful  communication  and really getting the root of our  clients goals.  Picture  where  you  are right now and let us help you  get to where you want to  be  in  the  future.  We  hope  to  foster  the sort  of   relationship    where    you   feel you  can   call  on   us   anytime  you  are   faced   a   major  financial decision.  


Our Mission

At Gawthrop Financial,  our mission is to help you live life to the fullest by guiding you towards great financial decisions.  We want to ensure that you, our client,  maintain peace of mind in all areas of your financial plan. We understand that finances can be overwhelming when no plan has been put into action. Let us show you our specialized strategy that will help you implement your goals. 


People  who  receive  advice   from  a  certified financial planner  are  better off financially than those who  don't.  With  over  30  years  of  experience in the financial planning industry, we  offer  a firm foundation  and  the  skills  to  not only advise, but educate you on all matters pertaining to finance. We know the value of a solid financial plan.  Your peace of mind is our driving force and your desire to leave a legacy for your loved ones is our top priority.

In matters pertaining to finance one could not ask for a better guide.
— Michael O'Donoghue, Client for 15 years