So, you’ve found us and know you need some help with planning; now what?

Gawthrop Financial is your advocate for change. We will guide you towards a clear vision for your future.

The Life Plan Navigator is a series of guided steps based on your life stage which move you toward positive change. It’s more than just financial planning.

Take a look and find yourself / your family in one of the three Life Stages below…

Stage one: You are married and perhaps have one or two young children, you own your own home (or are saving toward it) and are steadily employed or own a business. You need some guidance on decisions about things like: savings, investments and life insurance.

Stage two: You are established in your career, have teen and/or young adult children, own a home, have some savings (RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs) but you still have some questions about how to plan for the next stage. For example: “should I pay down my mortgage or invest in RRSPs?” 

Stage three: You are close to or already financially independent because of strong planning, or a life event (eg: sold your company, real estate, inheritance, etc). Main concerns are; tax efficient income, tax planning, protection of capital, leaving a legacy for your loved ones.

There are 5 steps in each stage –

Step 1.    First meeting – have a conversation with us, either on the phone or in person, to determine what stage you are at. What are your goals and concerns? We will fact find and gather info to formulate next steps.

Step 2.    We analyze the info gathered to prepare recommendations. We communicate via phone and email to fine tune.

Step 3.    Action step – Meet to discuss options and begin implementation. We’ll start with what’s most important to you.  

Step 4.    Once first plans are in place, we prioritize next steps and establish a review time table ie, quarterly, semi annually, annually, etc.

Step 5.    Stay in touch to stay on top of the plan.

Ready to get started? Great.