The  following  are a  compilation  of resources  regarding  topics  that our  clients often  ask us about. Our  hope is that  you can  use the information  below to better plan for  the future of you  and your family.  If you ever have  any questions about  these or any  other topics pertaining to your over all financial plan, we are happy to guide you! You can connect with us HERE. 

become your own banker

What  if  you  had  the  ability  to  borrow from  yourself  instead  of a bank or credit card   company?  We   are  huge   believers in  the  idea  of  creating  your  own bank  for your  family and eliminating  the need to borrow and pay interest to  anyone, except maybe yourself...

rep agreement.png

Representation agreement

Who  would  you  appoint to assist you to act  on your  behalf  if you couldn't  make important  decisions regarding your health care  and personal  care matters?  You need a representation agreement to appoint that person. 

ins comparison.png

Life Insurance comparison

You  have  arrived  at  the  conclusion that you  need  some  life  insurance.  But  how much   and   what   type   is   appropriate? We  can   help  you   decide  and   educate yourself   on  the  two  main  types  of  life insurance available to you. 

exec check.png

executor duties

If  you  are  the   executor  of   a    recently deceased,  loved  one's  estate,  we  have  a comprehensive  duties   check-list  to  help you navigate  the  process.  Each  province is  different,  so  ensure  you  refer to  each provincial government's website.

CPP calc.png

cpp calculator

Want  to   know   how   much  you  could receive  from your  Canada Pension  Plan? The  first  questions  to answer is:  do  you have   a  "My  Service  Plan"  Once   that's  done,  you can find  out  how  much  you may receive by following the link below.