Retirement Income Solutions for Canadians

Rob's book - Paycheques & Playcheques, has been extremely well received in Canada. If you are retired or plan on retiring one day, then you need to read this book! This is also an amazing sales tool for our fellow advisors.

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not your average retirement planning resource 

*Believe it or not, there was a time in this country when you could retire gracefully and worry-free. Your employer held a little going-away party, presented you with a shiny gold watch, and gave you a guaranteed pay cheque for life in the form of a nice pension to keep you comfortable and allow you to live happily ever after…  This, unfortunately, is no longer the case.

**Most retirement savings planning options focus on the accumulation phase: the time while you are working and saving for retirement.  They estimate how much you will need to accumulate by the time you retire, and you deposit a little each month to build up your savings to your supposed “magic number”.  But, is saving for retirement the easy part??

***The life insurance industry was built for markets like these - life insurance and annuities can be the solution to many of today’s personal finance dilemmas, as these products are based on math and science.  We cannot stress enough how important an annuity is to a successful retirement.  Now what exactly is a lifetime income annuity, you ask?  It’s a guaranteed pay cheque for life!

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Dr. Mike O'Donoghue, Director of Engineering and Technical Services at Akzo Nobel Coatings Ltd. says this about the book:

“Crucial and compelling this is a must-read book for every Canadian.”

*   Taken from Chapter 1                                                                                                                                           **   Taken from Chapter 2
*** Taken from Chapter 3