A New, Efficient Way to Get Life Insurance

Over the last few months, we have written several new life insurance policies on our clients using one of our  contracted company's non-face-to-face,  online applications (all you need to do up this paper work is chat with us on the phone!) They  are such a  breeze!  Truly, an  amazing option  for those of our clients who are busy (who isn't!) or out of town. 

The world is in a constant state of improvement through technology and today's creative thinkers. It is  up to us, as financial  planners, to stay current on these improvements and trends. In doing so, we ensure that you, our  valued client (or better yet,  a prospect who is in the research phase) can get the best possible service. That's our goal! Especially with the new wave of millennials who won't even eat at a restaurant until they've googled it.  Research is king! So we are working tirelessly  to improve our website,   work  out  systems   to  optimize  fluidity,  and  staying  current  on  all  of   our  industry's technological upgrades. 


"design & develop experiences 


  that make people's         lives simple."

The  non-face-to-face  application as a mode of  writing life  insurance business is  a new technology. Not  every company  offer's such a tool... yet... it's  only a matter  of time. By then, we plan on being experts!  If you know  you've been  needing life  insurance for a while but have thought, "I just don't have time!" No more excuses! Call us today and we can do it over the phone.